Folks: the race is on. China or USA? Today, 7.14.19, an AI guru stated that China will be the best place to be in the future. This man worked for Silicon Valley and is now primarily in China. He also said that most people are not aware of how AI is changing our world. In the future, l0 -15 years, 40 % of the jobs will be gone.

What is your recent experience with AI? My leased Ford Ecosport engine stops running when I come to a red traffic light and starts before the light turns green saving gas and air pollution! Lucky for Haida Gwaii because you have fewer roads and also take more control of your cultural and arts history in education.

How will all these AI inventions change lives? My friend Becky, a retired science & computer teacher recently wrote to me saying: "You are correct about applying the arts in education as it give more 'humanity' to our society. The arts will be very necessary for the emotional aspect of AI development. The analytical aspect of AI continues to move ahead at an alarming speed - effecting the cognitive behavior of our next generation."  We must restore the arts into our society and learning institutions! We can learn from the Principal of Haida Indigenous Education, Joanne Yovanovich, since values and benefits of a cultural historical heritage are understood.

Please read Our Final Invention James Barrat, 2013, who says, "I wish AI was science fiction but I know it is not."  Further, he states each year AI's cognitive speed and power doubles; ours does not. Scientists argue that AI that is so advanced will have survival drives like our own - so maybe can we share the planet with it?

Finally, Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute, states everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence. Combining human and artificial intelligence will help civilization flourish as long as we manage to keep technology beneficial. The arts are needed to provide the feelings and soul that a machine does not have!

So my final question is: "Has human intelligence been kind in the past?

If not, what must we learn to change to do better with AI in the future?


  1. Lots to make a person think. The world we live in isn’t always the world we should live in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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