Our Art Gift

Some ideas from Ken Wibur, 1941
American Spiritual Psychologist who blends
spiritual and science repairing to fractured souls
bringing a higher state of awareness/consciousness.
nfluenced by Carl Jung)
    Is art important and, is it necessary?

So for an example, First Nation totem poles are important no matter of they are made, wood, argilite, or any substance. It is a work of art and history. Art reveals the human expression and cosmos story. If perceptions are clean and open, we are released from the realm of time into the unending beauty of the art which represents the story of the entire world. Art is another
way of knowing.

Great art has the power to transcend. This is not an exercise of creative imagination. It shows the actual structure of the universe. When we look at a beautiful object, we suspend all other activity and want to contemplate the object. We are not trying to change things, but accept the object as it is. We don't want to eat it, or even own it, or run from it, and we don't want anything from it. We only want to look at it and we want it never to end.

For a while, our egoic mind comes to rest. We relax into a basic awareness.  We rest with the world as it is, and not as we wish it to be. We are face to face with the calm eye of the storm.

What exercise of beauty does our current society bring? Many individuals now live in human-made structures, with human-made furnishings, with the air filled with human-made sights and sounds, and brought to us on human-made contraptions, and taught in our institutions of learning.

Where is our awareness of nature? Indigenous societies can take us back to a former awareness of naturalness, past the heavily human-made environment.  May we be wise to become enlightened, enriched, appreciative, and productive.

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