Mind Learning is Only Part of Ourselves Because We Learn in Many Different Ways!

Here is evidence that learning must include all the senses.

My dear friend had back surgery in Sacramento on 12.23.19.  I stopped in to see her 1.17.20 and was told one leg does not function. Then her husband explained that when the therapist asked Carol to take a step, she was unable to do that. Then the therapist put a blue-tape mark on the floor and asked Carol to step on it, and she did it! Messages can be blocked with verbal and thinking commands but this visual message was not blocked from Carol's brain.

When my piano students have difficulty with complex rhythms, I silently play the rhythm of the fingers. Then the student can play this pattern correctly! Touch has been given a bad and sick turn in our society but when used correctly, it is healing. I remember my mother's wonderful touch.

This means that the more of ourselves that is involved in learning, the better the learning is!  A learning process like Orff Schulwerk which includes the entire self and based on human development is holistic learning! 

We need to restore accurate perceptions and increase their value!  And please do not turn up the volume to turn on the students! I will explain the listening process in my next blog!

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