Living Well

"When I've learned to really live, I'll be old enough to die." Johnny Cash

"If you give your all but retain your life, Your gift is nothing and in vain." Ibsen.

What are our choices?
Wisdom is shared love, someone else said.
Is this Hollywood's wisdom for our culture?
Is any religion the answer for our culture?
Is trying to be good the answer for our culture?

What about freedom here?
What about freedom anywhere in the world?
This is interpreted very differently.

We each have the personal right to make our own responses, despite what religious and governmental restrictions may force upon us.
We can display our spirit of beauty or ugliness.
We can be submissive to good or to violence.
We can choose our personal freedom.
We are responsible for our choices!

Humans have a great depth of capacity to be spiritually and morally aware of the affects of their actions. Even if others can be forcefully cruel, a universal God is aware of our pain. So may we remember to pray for strength to take 'the higher path'. We will then be living well and others will be gifted by our presence.

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