First nations lived close to nature. We live close to our minds and technology.

In our modern world, we know by reading and hearing. We have telephones, televisions, movies, pictures, historical documents, and computers that come with various adaptions. So is that the 'up-graded' way to know? Are you sure?

One of the gifts First Nations people can give us is their openness to wisdom from many sources beyond modern communication. They believed in community, ancestors, dance, drumming, nature and symbols that speak deeply to the unconscious...or that are beyond the mind.

My father came through Ellis Island to South Dakota, USA, and thentook out a homestead in Saskatchewan. He only had a grade four education and was on the school board for 16 years. But he seemed to understand the skies and weather. In Spring, farmers would regularly call him to ask when to plant their the frost would not kill it. I grew up becoming aware you can know much beyond books.

There are truths that lie beneath our consciousness as well as under our feet. That we did not know the people whose bones are buried does not mean these people did not exist! So we are quick to draw lines where our awareness stops! Does out of sight mean out of mind?

The forgotten unseen buried bones of thousands of people who walked these lands before us gave their bodies and spirits to this soil. If we become aware of this, we will hear truths with a sense that lies far below our conscious awareness...not just our minds.

Before we get carried away in our technological world woven with artificial intelligence, lets get very real with reality - beyond machines! Some things may be more real than artificial technology?

I was removed from most modern conveniences while at Old Massett at Haida Gwaii. I learned about the values of another ancient culture. So I gained by learning to create my own life without artificial crutches. My book, FLYING AWAY, explains how some of this happened.

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