'How Other Cultures Contribute to Us'.

If we believe in love, freedom, and the Golden Ruler, people ought to be able to live together in peaceful harmony! Gifts were not distributed to only one culture! Maybe technology is bringing us an unintended gift of 'enlightenment' so we have an opportunity to learn to meet so many different things, about so many different people, from so many different places! Many of us may not now know many people from where we were born or even where we grew up. This really means we need to learn how to build relationships with various others.  Then hopefully, the old and former stereotype images we knew of people no longer fits human beings!

The glorified Hollywood view shows many humans who live mostly in 'virtual' reality. Their stories are changed from facts in a book and are enhanced with personal data so people will 'like' the production. This leaves the the public with variations of the what they believe is true?

However, when First Nation artists overcome the false images about them, they have an even greater sense of truth and reality than many! And when someone like Canadian-born Cree Buffy Sainte-Marie crossed the USA/Canada border, she became even more aware of these two very different cultures.

I was privileged to actually live inside and learn about the Haida culture and to see many wonderful values by which they live. It is important for other cultures to accept differences and learn to appreciate their values. Technology does not necessarily bring us closer in touch with nature, but we can become awakened and become more aware and accept what could become an addition to our lives.

Cultures are what the Canadians think of as a 'Mosaic', with each part important. This means that people can feel more authentic, grounded and therefore more fully understood and more productive. Then they can in turn, choose to accept and understand others which brings us more love, freedom, and the Golden Rule: DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!

Living this way helps us to see the bigger picture, with more global understanding of humans and good feelings. Technology can help us find facts about many cultures around the world and what they offer.

If we are open to goodwill, we find find it!  It is our choice.


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