My unfettered story tries to show how alike we are in different cultures. Past and present generations can reflect about life in a spirit of camaraderie.

This showed me that our education system has too narrow a focus on primarily the mind with the object of getting a job. But many jobs have become obsolete and more will soon disappear because they were based on the Industrial Revolution needs. Now we are deeply into the Information and Technology World with new skill needs.

This means we have a choice to either fail with our old skills or learn to adapt with new skills.

Our school system now is set in its ways of testing to gather information which it thinks is necessary. The 'job' scene has changed drastically leaving behind the old school system!

The new era wants creative thinkers with critical thinking skills to promote better understanding between people and new ideas. This means that humans will have to learn to develop healthy relationships working together consensually or alone. So we must move into the realm of the arts to rediscover how spiritual beauty of the soul helps us to accept others and also ourselves.

I learned that the Haida people were very loving, very giving and also very understanding of me, my young son and also my mother. We were included in their religion, customs, education and community. We were different but the same.

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Here's the Press Review showing wise & skilled individuals wrote TRIBUTES why quality active 'music and arts learning' is necessary.  We can build together!

I know you will enjoy my experiences like I did, teaching and living in a First Nation Haida Reserve School.

Helga F. Lutke Medd, now in Fresno, CA.

Former Canadian Music Supervisor,  Royal Conservatory of Music Silver Medal, Award for Community Enrichment
United States:
Founding member of Fresno Arts Council and Central California Music Fusion 2015, Fresno Arts Council 2015 Education Horizon Award.

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